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Christian Substance Abuse Counseling

Christian substance abuse counseling may not be much different from any other form of substance abuse counseling. The only determining factor here is the religious element. Christian counseling can be one-on-one, or it can take place in a group setting; it can be short-term or long-term; it can stand on its own or it can be coupled with any number of additional treatment-related activities.

But one important distinction that you will not see in all counselors’ offices is the inclusion of and importance placed on religion. For those seeking help for substance abuse, Christian substance abuse counseling is one of many treatment options to consider. The added Christian emphasis will not be right for everyone, but it may be a powerful and effective motivator for others.

Christian Counseling is Different

Christian Counseling

Christian counseling can help you work through your recovery while using your faith.

So, just how is Christian counseling different from secular treatment? With a Christian counselor, right off the bat patients will learn to turn their burdens over to God, and to put their lives in His hands. This idea of trusting one’s life to God is the core belief around which Christian counseling is based. This is seen as the only way to truly break free from your problems with substance abuse and addiction.

Another distinction is that Christian substance abuse counseling is always led by a Christian counselor, sometimes a member of the clergy. Having a Christian leader who understands and firmly believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible is an essential element.

Why Choose Christian Substance Abuse Counseling?

People may choose Christian substance abuse counseling for any number of reasons. If you are a Christian, or if you have a Christian background but feel you’ve strayed from the righteous path, then Christian counseling may be a powerful tool in helping you deal with substance abuse. If you are coming from a Christian upbringing, or if you would like to begin or renew your relationship with Christ, then you’re likely to get more out of Christian-based counseling than you would in a secular setting.

Another reason to choose Christian substance abuse counseling is that some people may feel judged or just plain uncomfortable in a non-Christian setting. This can be much more prevalent in group counseling, where you’re likely to encounter many different religious viewpoints, and also those with secular states of mind. A counselor should never make you feel uncomfortable about your religious beliefs, but if you feel you would prefer speaking with someone whose beliefs match your own, you should not hesitate to seek out a Christian counselor.

Moving Forward with Christian Substance Abuse Counseling

Dealing with substance abuse can make you feel weak and vulnerable enough as it is. If placing yourself in a Christian setting makes you feel more comfortable and open to talking about it, then that’s absolutely the route you should take. Christian substance abuse counseling is very accessible in most areas, so you should feel confident about taking that important step towards dealing with substance abuse.