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Finding a Great Drug Abuse Counselor is Key in Recovery

When someone is going through counseling for drug abuse, finding the right drug abuse counselor is one of the key factors in a successful recovery. It’s certainly up to the drug abuser to listen to the counselor’s advice and to make an honest effort to amend his or her lifestyle. And it’s also true that a drug abuser must truly want to get better in order for treatment to work. But part of a drug abuse counselor’s job is to help support, guide, and motivate the patient to stay sober. As part of a good drug abuse counseling program, your counselor should make you feel good about wanting to stay sober, while challenging you to take the necessary, difficult steps in getting to that stage.

While a counselor should bring his or her own style and experience to the table, the overall drug abuse counseling efforts should be consistent with what they’ve been taught and what’s been proven to work. Below, you will learn more about what you should look for in a counselor, and why the right counselor is an essential part of successful treatment.

Drug Abuse Counselor Qualifications

Drug Abuse Counseling

Drug abuse counseling offers you a chance to get the motivation and guidance you need to overcome your addiction.

A drug abuse counselor should be able to think on his own and tailor his treatment recommendations to individual patients. However, there are some important qualifications that every counselor should have.

Above all substance abuse counselor qualifications, drug abuse counselors should enjoy helping people. They should be trustworthy and respectful, while being confident and motivational. In terms of education, most licensed counselors should have a Master’s Degree, and should be trained and experienced in their specific counseling niche. They should be certified and have experience providing counseling services consistent with the 12 core functions of a substance abuse counselor. The 12 core functions are an essential part of screening and treating patients, and every drug abuse counselor should be an expert on these core functions.

A Winning Drug Abuse Counseling Program Starts with the Right Drug Abuse Counselor

During treatment, while most of the effort should be on the part of the drug abuser, the best substance abuse counselors are invested in their patients’ success, and they will make a true and honest effort to see that their patients learn how to get and stay clean. They provide guidance and support, and they motivate and teach. But being a drug abuse counselor is not easy; they must go through certification and training to get there. And they must be good at their jobs to stay there.

Upon meeting your potential counselor, you should feel open to asking questions about any of the qualifications, experience, and information mentioned above. A good drug abuse counselor will certainly understand, and should be more than willing to share his training and past experience with drug abuse counseling.

If you are seeking treatment with a counselor, it is perfectly acceptable to want to get to know your potential candidates until you find the right counselor for you. A good drug abuse counselor is an essential part of a successful recovery, so when you are in need of drug abuse counseling, you should take the time to find a good counselor who will motivate and help you to reach sobriety.