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Substance Abuse Counselor

A substance abuse counselor provides various type of counseling to individuals who suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse counselors can be found in hospitals, rehab centers, outpatient treatment centers and correctional facilities as well as many mental health institutions. Substance abuse counselors provide many different types of counseling that has been designed to fit the very unique needs of individuals who abuse substances.

Types of Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse Counselors Aid in Recovery

Finding the right type of substance abuse counseling can get you the help you need.

Substance abuse counseling can range from online counseling to religious based counseling, individual or one-on-one counseling to group counseling. Substance abuse counselors realize that there are many different types of substance abusers and that each individual may need very different types of help. Substance abuse counselors are able to choose and provide a type of counseling that is most suited to the individual needs of the substance abuser assuring them the greatest possible chance of making a full recovery from addiction.

The most common types of substance abuse counseling are provided either on an individual or group basis. Individual substance abuse counseling is very commonly provided at treatment centers and has been proven an effective means of helping individuals to overcome their personal battles with addiction. Group substance abuse counseling is provided to multiple individuals who suffer from similar addictions such as an addiction to drugs or an addiction to alcohol. These substance abuse counseling programs are an effective means of helping individuals to rebuild trusting relationships with their peers and learn how to work together.

Substance Abuse Counselor Qualifications

If you’ve ever considered getting treatment for substance abuse but weren’t sure what type of professionals you could expect to be working with, you may be wondering what the qualifications are of substance abuse counselors. While being a substance abuse counselor is a challenging position, for those who choose to provide this type of counseling it is also a very rewarding position. Substance abuse counselors are educated, trained and licensed to provide counseling and therapy. Most have a mental health related degree either in psychology or a similar field.

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